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"$10.00 Per Gram - 500 Grams ($5,000.00)"
"$10.00 Per Gram - 500 Grams ($5,000.00)"
SKU: QPG10_500

Closeout Jewelry by the Gram, Per Gram, Multiple Lot Weight Variations available
"$10.00 Per Gram - 500 Grams ($5,000.00)"

SKU: QPG10_500
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Exclusive Wholesale Pricing Strictly to the Jewelry Trade!

Delivery Time:
1-2 business days for in-stock quantities. For mass production orders, lead time depends on the volume of your purchase order. Generally, all production orders are shipped between 4-5 working weeks from the date we receive your purchase order with the deposit payment. We inform you of our estimated shipping date when receiving your confirmed order(s).

Product Details:

We make selling our sterling silver jewelry closeouts by the gram most convenient for our wholesale customers.

Shopping for gemstone jewelry closeouts at $10.00 per gram allows you to purchase mixed lots of sterling silver jewelry which comprise of rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets set with genuine white and color diamonds thath include:

* Black Diamonds
* Blue Diamonds
* Champagne Diamonds
* Yellow Diamonds
* Green Diamonds

Here's the breakdown of the lot weight choices you have to purchase at $10.00 per gram:

* Lot of 100 Grams for $1,000.00 for the Lot
* Lot of 200 Grams for $2,000.00 for the Lot
* Lot of 500 Grams for $5,000.00 for the Lot

Our team of inhouse jewelry professionals have prepared these lots of mix rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets. Our goal is to give you handsome product value in return for your investment/purchases.

Buyers such as yourselves can take true advantage of our per gram pricing and mint huge profits by re-selling at market retail pricing in your designated choice of channel. You can retail in your store and/or online on your website/other marketplaces. Both online and offline retailers all around the world are taking huge advantage of our closeouts by the gram.

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