Drop shipping is simply where the manufacturer or wholesale distributor ships orders received from the retailers website/selling channel, directly to your end customer(s) on your behalf. You, the retailer, are provided the product marketing material such as product images, product descriptions, detail specs, customized to your website in form of a product data feed file. Once you received an order, your order details are automatically sent over to the drop ship supplier with complete order information, and they in turn ship the product directly to your customer, and further, update you with order fulfillment details.
International business is a key area of growth for Quintessence Jewelry. As the US dollar has devalued against foreign currencies, it has made international buying from the US quite attractive. We ship our fine jewelry products worldwide via USPS (United States Postal Service), our lowest cost option to date, and UPS.
Orders that arrive before 11am EST typically go out the same day. Orders that arrive after 11am EST typically go out the next business day. Shipping and payment confirmations may cause delays.
Once our shipping department receives your order, they will process and ship your order in accordance with the time frame set forth in your membership plan. Tracking information will be emailed back to you as well, furthermore, shall be updated in your drop ship partner panel for you to access any time.
Yes, we will supply you with product images in multiple views, for you to upload into your retail backend panel of your webstore.
The concept of drop shipping was influenced largely by the Just-In-Time (JIT) movement in manufacturing; the concept of a reduced inventory became popular as a cost reduction method. In turn, reduced inventory in factories resulted in a lower risk and cost savings. Likewise, the retail world embraced similar benefits of an "on-demand" type of supply chain with drop shipping methods. Drop shipping with Quintessence Jewelry will allow the retailer to cut inventory, labor, packaging, and shipping costs. This will enable you to focus your efforts on marketing your business to new and existing customers.
Yes, some of the the disadvantages include:

  • Drop Shipper is in control of when an item is shipped. Your order would be shipped in accordance with the time frame set forth in your membership plan.
  • Retailers must abide by minimum price requirements.
  • If an item is discontinued by the wholesaler, the retailer has no control and must take that item off their catalog or website.
  • Retailer must watch inventory feeds distributed by the wholesaler closely to ensure the products advertised for sale are in stock.
There are many ways to benefit from drop shipping. Some of the benefits are as follows:
  • Overhead costs are cut significantly.
  • You get to set the retail price at whatever you want for nice profits.
  • There are no minimum order requirements.
  • You pay the wholesaler only after you receive an order.
Many wholesale companies will give a retailer between 25-75% discounts off suggested retail pricing (MSRP). The final agreed pricing model is between you and the wholesale distribution company.
This is the lowest price you are allowed to advertise our products for sale at. A map policy is in place to prevent products from being sold below their wholesale price.
A blind drop shipper will ship product to your customers, under your name only. They will not have any of their information (i.e. company name, address, advertising...etc.) on the products they send to your customers.
We need your credit card information on file so we can bill you for the products you order. Remember, as your customers pay you the retail cost of the products, you will need to pay the drop shipper for the wholesale cost of the products to be shipped. It is easier for the drop shipper to simply bill your credit card on a recurring basis so that there are no delays.
We highly recommend you to collect your customer's payment in full for the orders they are placing, before placing those same orders with us, for us to dropship.
Yes, we do drop ship internationally. Currently we only support Canada & Mexico, but are adding more international destinations gradually to our international drop ship portfolio.
Yes, in fact in order to buy from most reputable drop shippers, you will need to provide your tax id number. If your business is established in New York, we will need your NY resale number too, as we the wholesale drop shipper needs to show proof to the statement government authorities that we can sell to you without charging you sales tax.
We have a 30-day return policy. Once approved, you will be have access to the full details of our drop ship policy from within your drop ship partner panel account.
Yes, the data feed usage and maintenance fee is only $30 and this fee gives you access to the data feeds for ALL our products excluding our branded lines and clearance items. Your membership fee is charged month-to-month. You may cancel at any time. If you choose to cancel, any subscription fees already paid are non-refundable and your account will remain active until the end of the paid subscription period.
There is no minimum order requirement for our drop ship program.
We do not offer any discounts off the wholesale price for our drop ship products. All products are sold at regular wholesale prices.
All drop ship orders are shipped at a flat processing fee of $5 per order received. If you need additional shipping options, please find options below and mention the given shipping method in your order for us to process accordingly.

How We Ship Per Order Cost (1-4 Pieces)
FedEx Second Day $20.00
FedEx Standard Overnight $50.00
FedEx Priority Overnight $60.00
UPS Ground $10.00
FedEx International $100.00
USPS First Class $3.00
USPS Priorty $9.00
No. There are no additional fees. Fee to become a member of our drop ship program is $30 per month, that's it!
Our data feeds and order sheet are provided in excel and comma delimited (.CSV) format. If you do not have Microsoft Excel on your computer and/or are not proficient with Excel then you will not be able to submit orders and upload our products. Therefore, we strongly recommend working with a partner that knows Excel and is familiar with some basic level of e-commerce, which can only help you.