24.70 Carat Genuine Blue Topaz .925 Sterling Silver Bracelet

24.70 Carat Genuine Blue Topaz .925 Sterling Silver Bracelet

24.70 Carat Genuine Blue Topaz .925 Sterling Silver Bracelet

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Flaunt yourself with this Blue Topaz Tennis Bracelet. The natural gemstones have a combined weight of 24.70 carats and are set in .925 Sterling Silver with Rhodium Plating. The blue hue of this bracelet adds a pop of color to any look! The understated design and vibrant stones makes this bracelet perfect for every occasion. Blue Topaz Tennis Bracelet.

Product Details:
.925 Sterling Silver
Item Type: Bracelet
Gross Wt: 13.86 Grams
Gemstone Wt: 24.7
Total Stone Wt: 24.70 Carat
Metal Stamp: 925 QJ™ IN
Finish: Rhodium Plated
Height: 7.11 MM
Width: 11.68 MM
Length: 7.00 "inches
Gemstone Information:

Blue Topaz Information

Stone Shape: Cushion
Stone Size: 12x10mm
Stone Quantity: 1
Stone Cts: 4.70 ctw

Blue Topaz Information

Stone Shape: Oval
Stone Size: 9x7mm
Stone Quantity: 8
Stone Cts: 20.00 ctw

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About Blue Topaz:

Since the early 2000s, blue topaz has become the second most popular gemstone in the world. Topaz is the birthstone for the month of December, and is also the anniversary stone for the 4th and 19th anniversaries of marriage. Topaz is a very hard gemstone - 8 on the Mohs hardness scale, which makes it a hard and durable stone that’s perfect for everyday wear. However, as with all gems, a topaz too must be protected from hard impacts. It is also a very affordable gem when compared to the price per carat of similar colored gemstones such as aquamarine.

The majority of topaz is colorless. The colored varieties are mostly identified by names such as blue topaz and pink topaz, among others. In fact, the color of a topaz is more important than the size in determining its value. Topaz occurs naturally in a range of colors such as yellow, orange, red or brown, and is sometimes treated by irradiation to produce blue colors.

Topaz, especially blue topaz, is one of the most popular semi-precious gemstones available in the market. The quality of this alluring gemstone is determined by several factors, with the color being the most important. As with all light colored gems, the value of the topaz increases with its intensity of color.

The ready availability of large sized topaz stones makes them inexpensive. When buying this gemstone, it’s crucial to keep many other factors in mind besides the carat. The cut, color and clarity play a significant role in determining the value and price of a topaz, so choose a stone that scores high on all of these parameters.