6.41 Carat Genuine Indian Ruby15x9mm - 1Pcs and White Diamond Brass Ring

6.41 Carat Genuine Indian Ruby15x9mm - 1Pcs and White Diamond Brass Ring
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6.41 Carat Genuine Indian Ruby15x9mm - 1Pcs and White Diamond Brass Ring

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Product Details:
Stone Details: Ruby
Item Type: Ring
Gross Wt: 9.44
Gemstone Wt: 6.41 ctw
Total Stone Wt: 6.41 ctw
Metal Stamp: Brass QJ™ IN
Finish: Rhodium Plated
Product Style: Bold Rings
Total Qty Of Stones: 2
Height: 10.67 mm
Width: 11.43 mm
Length: 18.03 mm
Primary Stone Color: Pink
Birthstone Month: July
Gender: Women
Gemstone Information:

Ruby Information

Stone Shape: Fancy
Stone Size: 15x9mm
Stone Quantity: 1
Stone Cts: 6.41 ctw

White Diamond Information

Stone Shape: Round
Stone Size: 1.30mm
Stone Quantity: 27

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About Ruby:

The word ruby comes from the Latin ruber, which means red. It is a favorite gem among those in power and those in love, inspiring more emotion than almost any other stone. This magnificent gemstone is available in different hues of red – from pinkish to bluish red. Ruby deposits are quite rare, which makes the stone truly exquisite. This gem is desired for its hardness, durability, luster, and rarity.

This vibrant stone was believed to protect the wearer from any kind of harm and was also thought to promote peace. The stone, with its vibrant hue, was regarded as a symbol of the sun. It was worn as a charm to ward off sadness and negative thoughts, to promote a clear mind and increased concentration.

Red is the color that is associated with love and passion. This is perhaps the reason why this treasured stone is one of the most popular choices for an engagement ring. Ruby is the birthstone for July and is known to bring the harmony of life to its wearer. It is also the anniversary stone for the 40th anniversary, which is rightly termed as the ruby jubilee.

Embodying ethereal beauty, ruby rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets are a must-have in every woman’s jewelry wardrobe.